DJI Mavic Pro – An Amazing Drone For Its Size



The DJI Mavic Pro is causing quite a stir with drone enthusiasts everywhere. It is small, agile, well designed and takes very good quality video and photos. The DJI Mavic Pro is designed to be used by novice pilots and experts alike with multiple flight modes and intuitive, video game style controls. First of all, the DJI Mavic Pro is small. It is actually about the same size, when folded up as the DJI Phantom’s remote control. And when you unfold it, is is not that much bigger. It can very easily fit into a back pack or small bag which makes it ideal for taking with you when you want to film an adventure. The control is also small. And because it works with your smart phone, it is very easy to fold up and transport as well. The DJI Go app has been out for a while now and you can really see the maturity of this software when you fly the Mavic. The screen is clear and well thought out, although it can be a bit intimidating for beginner pilots because it has so many options. But generally, the app follows that 80/20 rule meaning that you only use about 20 percent of the applications capabilities about 80 percent of the time. And the remaining 80 percent of what it can do is designed to be used after you master the basics. The camera quality on the DJI Mavic Pro is very good with full 4K capabilites. And despite its tiny size, the camera and gimbal operate very smoothly giving a shake free image as the Mavic flies. The DJI Mavic Pro also has OcuSync technology that gives you a 4 mile flight range with a live HD image the whole time!

The DJI Mavic Pro is a quadcopter that can meet the needs of film makers, hobbyists, and hard core drone enthusiasts alike. It has many of the same great features of the DJI Phantom 4 without the heft or bulk, making it the ideal traveling companion.

Check out out set up and first flight video below. And if you want to buy your own Mavic, please support our site by using our Amazon affiliate link:

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