DJI Mavic Pro Battery vs DJI Phantom 4 Battery – Flight Comparison



The DJI Phantom 4 has been the high standard for some time when it comes to flight time in camera drones. Now, the DJI Mavic is promising to fly further and longer using a smaller DJI Mavic Pro battery. The Mavic Pro battery is 3,830mAh at 11.4V but packs alot of punch for such a small battery. DJI claims that you will get 27 minutes of flight time out of it. In this video, we put that theory to the test and compare how long it flies to how long a DJI Phantom 4 will fly with a new, fully charged flight battery.
Check out the results in this video. And if you need a spare battery for your DJI Mavic, please click this link to to order one.

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