Drone Review – UFly W606 3.8 FPV Quadcopter



The UFly W606 is a pretty cool looking drone. It has a UFO look about it with he round “flying saucer” body and the embedded LEDs. It also has a decent camera that captures decent video, although without a gimbal, the video is a bit shaky. The UFly W606 is also a pretty big quadcopter, but surprisingly, it has a flip function! Not sure why you would want to flip a quadcopter this big, but the UFly W606 can do it! But that’s where the challenge comes in. The power to weight ratio on this quad is not very good. The small 2S 7.4V battery does not really provide enough power for the motors on this heavy drone, so when you do flip, it tends to lose alot of altitude. This is not my favorite drone, but if you would like to check it out for yourself, you can click this link to see the specs on

You can also check out my full video review below! Thanks for watching!

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