Ghost Drone for Halloween



If you fly drones and look at Youtube drone videos, you have probably seen some custom build ghost drone set ups. People take a stock drone and add a scary mask, fabric and some lights to make a ghost drone for Halloween. These are really cool looking – especially at night when you can’t see the propellers or the arms of the ghost drone. The thought had struck us at Ready Set Drone that we should build one of these for Halloween this year and we started to do some research. Then, just as we were about to start buying the supplies, we found this ghost drone already built and ready to fly on Here’s the link to check it out.
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Well, we ordered one and, while it is a bit smaller than we would have built it, it does look really cool and scary when you fly it at night. It has a mask that is more of a monster or ghoul than ghost. It has a light weight fabric ghost body and all the basic drone flight controls. It’s pretty stable and easy to fly. And it will definitely scare someone if they don’t know what it is. My only real complaint is that I wish it was a bit bigger and had a longer battery life. But for something that is prebuilt and ready to fly, it’s a great deal, especially for Halloween. I could see these being used in lots of different haunted houses and to scare trick or treaters.

It is a unique little quadcopter and for $50 US dollars it’s cheaper than buying a drone and trying to modify it with your own lights and decorations. One modification that I would suggest is adding some small keychain lights to the ghost body. Click here to check it out and see what you think!

Video Review Below: