JJRC H36 Nano Drone



If you are looking for a cheap, easy to fly, little “mini whoop” drone for practicing line of site flying, then look no further than the JJRC H36 nano drone. I have been flying tiny drones for about two years, starting with the Estes and then going to the Syma. All along I have realized that flying tiny or nano drones is a great way top improve your piloting skills and help you improve the way that you fly bigger quadcopters. The JJRC H36 Nano Drone is a tiny drone at a low price that will give you the ability to practice line of sight flying anywhere you like. The JJRC H36 Nano Drone will fly indoors or outside. It is small and well protected against crashed. This means that the drone is protected as well as your furniture, your family and your pets! It has plastic rings around all four propellers, which is essential to making it safe to fly. In addition to the prop guards, it has a pretty good power to weight ratio and had the ability to fly in headless mode or to do flips with the push of a single button!

The JJRC H36 Nano Drone is small enough to take with you in your purse, backpack or briefcase and fly it just about anywhere! It had a battery life of over 6 minutes and has a USB charger that you can use on your computer or any compatible USB power outlet. And best of all, it only costs $20 US dollars! That means you can get several of them and don’t worry about whether you crash, lose or destroy your little nano flyer! If you want to get the JJRC H36 Nano Drone, you should consider being it from Tmart – they have it for just $19.99!
Check out the link here to see the specifications and order one for yourself!

if you buy from Tmart from this link. DISCOUNT CODE: H36
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Check out my video review!

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