Review of Potensic Drone F183W



In this review of Potensic drone F183W we will take a look at this $100 drone to see if it’s worth the money. The Potensic F183W includes alot of features for the price. It has FPV via a free application you can download for Android or iOS devices. It also has a camera and multiple flight modes. The camera quality is only so-so (as you can see in the video), but the flight of this thing is actually pretty good. It uses a 2S 7.4 Volt 500 mAh battery that gives it plenty of punch. And you can set up the remote control for customized responsiveness. You do this by turning the dial on the remote control. The default setting for the responsiveness is 50, which is actually a pretty good, middle of the road setting for the drone to fly at. But when you crank the dial up to 75 or 100, you get alot of performance. The drone still has stabilization built in, but at 100, this thing will really move, as I demonstrate in the video.
Another cool feature of this drone is the bright, multi-colored LED lights all around it. There are 2 sets of blue lights on the sides, red in the front, and white in the rear. The nice thing about the LED lights is that not only do they look really cool, but they also help you orient the craft. As long as you remember that the white lights are in the rear, you can always keep your orientation. Of course, if you decide to fly it in headless mode, you won’t need to remember the orientation because the quadcopter will orient itself automatically.
In generally, I think this is a good value drone for the price. Especially because it comes with two batteries and the battery life is pretty decent…around 9 minutes per charge! I hope you enjoy the review of Potensic drone F183W!
Please check out the video below to see it in action and also, if you would like to buy one, consider using the link in this page to help support!

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