Syma X5UC – Great Beginner Drone!



The Syma X5UC is truly a great drone for beginners or experiences UAV pilots who want to practice line of sight flying. It is light weight, agile and has several features that usually come on more expensive drones. First of all, the Syma X5UC is very stylish. The Syma X5C line has been redesigned and the newer ones are very cool looking indeed. It also has a very nice remote control that looks alot like a video game controller! The Syma X5UC has an HD camera (720P) which is OK in quality, although not great. It has altitude hold through a built in barometer that can keep it at the same elevation without the use of GPS. It has the ability to do flips as well as automatic take off and landing capabilities. But what makes this quadcopter really fun to fly is the amazing amount of power you get from the tiny 1S battery and motors. In reality, it’s not that the motors are particularly powerful, it is that this quadcopter is so light weight that it zips around with very little throttle needed to get it going!
The Syma X5UC is also pretty durable and priced at around $70 US dollars, which makes it a good choice if you are learning because you can crash it without worrying about the huge amount of cash you spent to buy it. The box comes with the camera, which you mount on the bottom as well as spare propellers, a micro SD card reader, a charger and two batteries. Having the spare battery is great because it means that you can get in more flying time between battery charges.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced quadcopter for yourself or to give as a gift, I highly recommend the Syma X5UC! To check out the specifications and order one from, use the discount code: RC18OFF
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