Top Drones Under $1,000



Looking for a drone that is fun to fly but won’t break the bank? Check out this list of great drones at great prices. We have flown every drone on this list, so we can say with confidence that these are solid recommendations. All of the drones are listed here with brief descriptions and links to video reviews. If you want to see the overview of our ten favorites, check out this video first. Otherwise, scroll down to see our top picks.

$20 – Virhuck Volar-360 RC Nano Drone
This little guy is very inexpensive, portable and comes with a transmitter that doubles as a carrying case. If you are looking for something to fly around your house or office, this is a great choice!

$50 – Syma X5UC
The Syma X5UC is a great value for a beginner quadcopter. It is pretty simple and easy to fly and is a great choice if you are just learning to be a drone pilot. If you are already a good pilot, it’s a fun and inexpensive little quadcopter to practice with or teach your kids to fly!

$75 – MJX X601H Hexacopter
Hexacopters are a slightly different experience to fly than quadcopters. They are very stable, more quiet and have some punch because of the extra motors. The MJX X601H is a great little starter hex that performs well in wind and is very reasonably priced!

$90 – MJX B3 Bugs 3 RC Racing Drone
The Bugs 3 is a brushless motor drone that is less than $100 and has plenty of power! You can fly it with a GoPro or without for extra performance! It looks really cool and can serve as a camera drone if you don’t need a gimbal.

$130 – Potensic® F183WH
The Potenaic F183 has some of the brightest LEDs that I have seen on a quadcopter of this size and price. It is a good choice for learning to fly and has a FPV app that you can use to see the camera’s view.

$150 – U45 Blue Jay WiFi FPV Quadcopter
The U45 Blue Jay is one of my favorite drones to help me practice my flying skills. It’s a brushed quadcopter but it has plenty of power and the app is pretty decent. It has a FPV camera and has the ability to record video.

$250 – Hubsan H501S
The Hubsan H501S is a FPV quadcopter that works with an included screen or with FPV goggles. It has GPS built in and is fast! It’s a popular mid-priced drone and one that is definitely worth checking out!

$450 – Walkera AIBAO APP Virtual WiFi FPV – VR Game
The Walkera AIBAO is an interesting quadcopter. It’s similar to a DJI Phantom 2 in terms of look and quality. It’s got a good camera, although it does not have a gimbal. It also has the ability to play a game that involved augmented reality!

$800 – DJI Phantom 3 Pro
Even though it is a couple of years old, the DJI Phantom 3 Pro is still a great value. If you are looking for a really good camera drone and don’t have a huge budget, this is a GREAT option!

$999 – DJI Mavic Pro
The DJI Mavic Pro is amazing! It is very small, easy to fold up and take with you anywhere – and the camera quality is amazing with 4K video and high frame rates. Plus the gimbal keeps the camera rock steady!

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