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  • Hexacopter

    Reviews | November 26, 2016

    GTeng Cheetah Hexacopter Review

    The GTeng Cheetah Hexacopter is a fun little beginner drone to learn to fly. Because it is a hexacopter, it is very stable and easy to fly. It has FPV over Wifi and gives...

  • Review of Potensic Drone

    Reviews | October 1, 2016

    Review of Potensic Drone F183W

    In this review of Potensic drone F183W we will take a look at this $100 drone to see if it’s worth the money. The Potensic F183W includes alot of features for the price. It...

  • Syma X5UW Review

    Reviews | September 24, 2016

    Syma X5UW Review

    I have wanted to do a Syma X5UW review for a long time. I own quite a few other Syma quadcopters including the Syma X5C, the Syma X8C, the Syma X12 and a few...

  • Reviews | July 26, 2015

    Syma X5C vs Syma X8C

    Considering a Syma X5C vs Syma X8C? If you are on a limited budget and want to get into flying quadcopters, Syma makes some nice products for a very reasonable price. In this video...