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  • Best Drones 2017

    Reviews | January 15, 2017

    Top Drones Under $1,000

    Looking for a drone that is fun to fly but won’t break the bank? Check out this list of great drones at great prices. We have flown every drone on this list, so we...

  • Syma X5UC

    Reviews | October 24, 2016

    Syma X5UC – Great Beginner Drone!

    The Syma X5UC is truly a great drone for beginners or experiences UAV pilots who want to practice line of sight flying. It is light weight, agile and has several features that usually come...

  • Best Beginner Quadcopter

    How-To | July 30, 2016

    Best Beginner Quadcopter

    The best beginner quadcopter is a subjective opinion. However, it can be agree that anyone who wants to learn to fly drones should begin with the best beginner quadcopter in terms of performance, safety...

  • Reviews | January 25, 2015

    Syma X5C Quadcopter Review and Flight Test

    I check out the value of the $60 Syma X5C quadcopter. This drone is advertised as a camera platform. I think we can all agree that for $60, the video quality is not very...